Range Order

Range orders allow you to easily scale in or out of a position, automating the process of averaging your entry or exit price. Set a single order to buy or sell a token within a specific price range, such as buying ETH from $1900–1800 or selling ETH from $2000-2100.

Benefits of Carbon DeFi

  • Irreversible Once orders within your range are filled, they will not be undone should the market retrace.

  • Partial Fills Range orders can be partially filled and remain irreversible.

  • No Trading or Gas Fees on Filled Orders

    Makers pay no gas when a trade is executed, and there are currently no maker fees on Carbon DeFi.

  • Adjustable Easily edit without withdrawing funds. Adjust orders onchain, saving time and gas.

  • Zero Slippage The price you set is what you'll receive.

  • MEV - Sandwich Attack Resistant

    Due to it's irreversible nature.

Carbon DeFi's range orders not only simplify the scaling in and out processes but also add a layer of security and predictability to trading in the DeFi space.

More on Scaling In and Scaling Out using Carbon DeFi’s range orders: Crypto Trading 101: Scaling In and Out

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