100% Fill Estimation

When creating a new strategy or editing an existing one, a value called "100% filled estimation" is exposed for ease of use.

Goal of estimation

The 100% filled estimation is an indication to makers on the amount of tokens the strategy will hold, should the entire budget be used. Once the order(s) details are provided, the buy or sell average price is identified and multiplied by the entire budget.


Price aspect

  1. Limit - when entering a limit price, the average execution price is identical to the indicated price.

  2. Range - when entering price range, the cost basis for the specified range is equal to the geometric mean of the highest and lowest price boundaries of the indicated range.

GeometricMean=(minPrice)(maxPrice)GeometricMean =\sqrt{(minPrice)*(maxPrice)}

Budget aspect

Budget indicates the amount of tokens allocated to each order. This is a base value that will be used against the indicated price mentioned above.

100% fill calculation

Using the values from Price * Budget results in the estimated 100% fill value.


As orders within a recurring strategy are traded against and refilled, 100% fill estimation results may change.

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