Limit Order

A one-time buy order or sell order that executes at a specific price. Use limit orders to set your precise entry and exit points. e.g., Buy ETH at $1600

Benefits of Carbon DeFi

  • Irreversible Similar to a limit order on a centralized exchange, an order will not be undone should the market retrace.

  • Adjustable Easily edit without withdrawing funds. Adjust orders onchain, saving time and gas.

  • Zero Slippage The price you set is what you'll receive.

  • MEV - Sandwich Attack Resistant

    Due to it's irreversible nature.

Existing DeFi projects have tried to incorporate limit orders into AMM models, but these efforts have generally fallen short of replicating true limit order system functionality and rely on external third parties, such as keepers and/or oracles.

Carbon DeFi addresses this gap with its purpose-built product, designed specifically for genuine maker orders without relying on third parties. Carbon DeFi ensures onchain transparency in liquidity and settlement processes, marking a significant advancement in the capabilities of DeFi.

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